People say the dardnest things

Who’s in charge of the Details!……….

Mother had gotten up in the middle of the night, something she does often, and had wandered down the hallway to the bathroom and was alittle confused on her way back. She mistakenly bumped into Ev’s door (instead of finding her own bedroom) and when asked what she was doing, she demanded to know "who is in charge of details around here!"  I think she felt the walls, doors and bedrooms had been shifted around without her knowledge and she wanted to get to the bottom of it!

Smokescreen meets Facade…..Kornfieldsigned

Then there was Guy’s observation. We had spent the day in the truck together and covered alot of ground about politics, people, and relationships while spending nearly 12 hours delivering the latest edition of the Times. We had been talking about how people say one thing and mean another, when he came up with this Keeper: " "So have you ever seen what happens when someone’s smokescreen meets up with someone elses facade?"   Think about it!

Happy Fourth!

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